After told her former employers promised no more wet work, assassin Julia Pelletier returns to her profession as a substitute primary schoolteacher waiting for full time employment. Joyful over reaching young minds again, she leaves The Company, never forgetting a price was once offered for her head.

Dawson trusts The Company less than his wife. When she accompanies him on a backcountry hunt and is wounded by an unknown shooter, he fears the worst. After she heals, and they are offered a long-awaited wilderness trip by their friend, Dawson’s worst fears are realized. Aware of Julia’s former job, nothing prepares him for her ferocious offensive.

Julia switches to the code name J and becomes cold and calculating. Dawson is aware she prefers to work alone, but asks former soldiers he served with to help. J becomes edgier as they close in on their prey, distrustful of everyone including Dawson, even using him as a prop when opportunities arise. The executive surrounded by bodyguards doesn’t slow J’s onslaught, and she leaves no one alive.

Needing time to decompress, Dawson and J stay with their friends while waiting to make their next hit, allowing alter-ego Julia to reemerge. Even though Dawson saves her life, Julia leaves him behind to be a far more efficient killer.

Returning to Idaho without his wife is difficult, and seeing her trapped in a burning building on the news causes him to fear the worst. Then his situation is exacerbated by a ten-person kill team sent after him. Pursued through deep snow and arctic temperatures, Dawson can only fight for his own life while terrified for his wife’s.