Once a primary teacher in Oregon, tiny Julia Hampton rises to the top of an elite cadre of assassins. Her quiet life upends with the murder of her parents and sister, and Julia seeks to put a stop to those responsible. Her success is noticed by an organization dedicated to the same task on a grand scale: eliminate anyone importing and selling narcotics. Julia accepts assignments as a contract killer for The Company and makes a name for herself as J.

Settling in rural Idaho to live alone as a substitute teacher in town offers a low-profile base for assignments. Dawson Pelletier owns a nearby farm and looks after Julia’s place when J is away. All goes well until she’s wounded and barely makes it home. She finds her neighbor is much more than a gentleman farmer when only one of his many hidden resources is to become her expert caregiver.

Her thirst for vengeance sated and faced with her mortality, Julia notifies The Company that the assignment she barely survives is her last, and she’ll return to teaching fulltime, but her resignation is rejected unless she fulfills a final contract. Against previous rules of engagement, her target is outside US borders, so she must leave her familiar firearm behind and find alternate means to terminate a giant ex-athlete responsible for importing tons of drugs stateside each week. J must take on a brute three times her size if she is to have a chance to return to the quiet life and budding romance wants.